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Blue Pencil

academic assistance, differently

We believe everyone can both succeed academically and feel calm and supported.


More than just traditional tutoring or essay editing, Blue Pencil is built with different learners in mind. Our programming gives students the tools to succeed in and out of the classroom. 

Take a deep breath. Blue Pencil is here to help.

Shelby M. | Medical School Applicant

"After the first meeting with Alexis, I still recall how relieved I felt.

Unlike other academic mentors I’ve tried, Alexis truly seemed to understand my areas of concern.


The meaningful questions she would ask in our sessions, is, ultimately, what allowed me to overcome my “writers block”. I owe a lot to Alexis. Without her and this service, I may have never been accepted into medical school!"

Pink Leaf

One Size Fits You.

flexible plans to fit your needs

Roof Against Clear Blue Sky

Empowerment Toolkit

Resources and templates for writing, organizing, and more

Coaching and Consulting 

Academic assistance meetings with human behavior expert Alexis Heugly.

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A note from our founder

Dear Reader,

I created Blue Pencil to help students by bridging the gap in academic accommodations from elementary school to graduate school. 


I was a student who excelled through grade school and college; but hit a wall while attending law school. I was struggling and I needed to figure out how to succeed. So I went back to basics, and did things my own way. 


Prior to law school I had worked with children and young adults on the autism spectrum, providing coaching and building curriculum. What I found, is what had worked well for me in school, seemed to work well for my clients as well. 


This connection led me to seek a diagnosis, and as an adult I was diagnosed with ADHD. Living with undiagnosed ADHD, paired with a passion for academics had led me to create systems and tricks to get by in school. ​They got me all the way to law school, and they are the bulk of Blue Pencil.


I see so many students like me, some of them hitting the wall as early as grade school.

Using my B.S. in Psychology from Brigham Young University, and my career experience building curriculum, I created a flexible system of coaching, templates, and resources for you.


All of our programs are evidence based; backed in psychological research, and what I believe to be the best indicator of success - having people try them out. ​


Blue Pencil's programs are never one size fits all, but I am confident they will be one size fits you.  ​


Sincerely,  ​


Alexis Heugly

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